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To Our Valued Customers, Vendors, and Partners,

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closing of J Freeman & Son, LLC, after 28 enriching years. This has been a difficult decision, but ultimately, the time has come for us to close this chapter and embark on new journeys.

As we reflect on our journey, our hearts brim with gratitude. To our loyal customers, you are the cornerstone of our success. We've had the privilege of witnessing your lives unfold – from first homes to growing families, from joyous celebrations to moments of need. Your trust and patronage have sustained us, and your shared stories have woven themselves into the very fabric of J Freeman & Son.

To our dedicated vendors and partners, we are thankful for the hand-in-hand journey we've shared. You've been more than just suppliers and collaborators; you've been friends and fellow dreamers. Together, we built a community of shared values and unwavering support, one that fostered both prosperity and purpose.

We cannot leave unmentioned the incredible team that has been the beating heart of J Freeman & Son. Our devoted employees, past and present, have poured their passion and expertise into this company, creating a warm and welcoming space for customers and colleagues alike. You are the embodiment of excellence, and we are forever grateful for your contributions.

Saying goodbye is bittersweet, but we do so with heads held high and hearts full of appreciation. We've cherished the laughs, the challenges overcome, and the memories forged within these walls. J Freeman & Son may be closing its doors, but the spirit of community, the dedication to service, and the unwavering commitment to excellence will live on in each of us.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of our story. We wish you all continued success and fulfillment in your future endeavors.

With sincerest gratitude,

The J Freeman & Son Family

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